We are very excited and proud of the mural that Jade Rivera has been working on in Jaco. As long time fans of his work, it is a dream come true to have him create one of his original artworks on a wall in our beach town. Jade has also been telling us how he is really enjoying Jaco, even though his race against the weather has been somewhat challenging. Today, for example, it was down pouring in Jaco this morning which puts a slight delay in the painting schedule, but he has been diligently working through the challenges.

Although taking a little break because of the weather has allowed him to take in some sights like the beach in Esterillos, Tortuga Island, and the Tres Piscina waterfalls in Parrita. And let’s just say he is a little enchanted with our quaint beach town! Especially with how green everything is this time of year.

The progress of the mural in just one week has been incredibly fast! Normally, most artists might take a month to finish a work of this scale. There are only a few artists around the world who would take on a task this large and be able to complete it so quickly. Jade also had an offer to travel to paint in a Street Art Festival in Canada this month, but lucky for us he and his wife picked Costa Rica for their next adventure.


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Artify Jaco is a movement to beautify the city of Jaco, Costa Rica through artistic murals, street art & installations, festivals, music, etc.

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