Yiyo Graff Behind the Scenes

The making of a mural is a recipe that changes with every installation, every artist, every wall or space. You never know how it’s going to go until it’s gone. Not easy, but what is?

In our latest installment of this ongoing quest to beautify Jacó, and unite our community, we were drawn to Yiyo, a Costa Rican graffitero from San Ramon. In fact, we’ve been trying to find the right spot for Yiyo for months, but only when we were called by the Epicentro Civico to collaborate with the Municipality, did we find the perfect spot for him in our program. The Municipality had a look out building that was ragged and tagged.

They promised to clean it up and refinish the walls if we could find an artist and coordinate a mural installation. If we found a sponsor to refinish the floor, they would install it. Fair enough.

When contemplating the project, I immediately envisioned what I wanted; a 360 art installation, fully immersible for the visitor. We needed an artist who could paint walls, a roof & ceilings, a physically demanding job. Among the Artify team, we all agreed Yiyo was the man to realize our vision. But as with any large installation, nothing is a one man job. It takes a village. Fortunately for us, we are blessed with philanthropic, helpful, loving villagers.

A huge thank you to our Artify Jaco supporters who made this possible. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but Ale, Natalia, Heidi, Lou & Olivia comprised Yiyo’s Pacific Coast Crew.

I would also like to extend a very warm thank you to Stay in Costa Rica, David Karr Properties, Panaderia Artesanal, Green Room & Juanitas, Familia Sin Zapatos / Graffiti & PuddleFish Brewery.


olivia, tucan y pelicanos.JPG

yiyo y crew.JPGDSC_0194.JPG

invasion ramonense.JPG



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Artify Jaco is a movement to beautify the city of Jaco, Costa Rica through artistic murals, street art & installations, festivals, music, etc.

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