Artify Escuela Jaco – Pilot Project

Greetings from the Central Coast. As we near the close of another year, we are reflecting on all of the blessings 2017 has brought to Artify Jacó. This year we completed  3 large murals, more wings, & closest to my heart, was the opportunity to lead a program teaching painting and color theory to our local elementary school students, at Escuela Jacó.

The school is large. More than 700 kids attend classes from pre kindergarten through 6th grade. The teachers are nice. The librarian is amazing. The kids are awesome. The volunteer teachers and assistants are invaluable & talented. The director had an open mind and allowed us to carve out the program on the fly.

All in all, it was a cool experience. We worked from the library, when it was available. We saw more than 600 kids. We made a lot of color wheels. We also made a model of Fantasy Jacó  with recycled elements, glue and paint. This was a school-wide initiative. It is a 3 dimensional representation of the town as seen by the next generation of Jacobeños.

We feel very fortunate to have teamed up with the Centro Civico for a mural that we will be installing with some of our students with the talented people at the Centro Civico. If you would like to visit our mural and see the maqueta, it will be on display at the Centro Civico in December.

Thank you Doña Vera & Pilar. And a very special thank you to Leti, Lou, Diana, Graciela & Merylis. We look forward to the exciting lessons we can learn together next year.

art. LOVE. nature.

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Artify Jaco is a movement to beautify the city of Jaco, Costa Rica through artistic murals, street art & installations, festivals, music, etc.

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